OcellO designs co-cultures of cancer and HLA-matched immune cells to test an ability of a compound to potentiate infiltration of T cells into the tumor. Immune cells are stained with cell tracker or T cell specific marker. Image-based measurement of selected features (eg. sum of T cell per tumoroid; T cell to tumoroid center distance; total infiltration ratio) yields robust, reproducible and high-throughput (384 well) results.

Infiltration protocol

We offer:


•       Physiologically relevant environment

•       Visualization of T cell aggregation/infiltration into tumoroids

•       Automated analysis and solid quantification of T cell invasive capacity

•       Functional read-out (active migration and association with tumoroids)

•       HLA-matched cellular players


Determination of infiltration capacity

infiltration graphs
 PBMCs were co-cultured with breast cancer tumoroids in the presence or absence of T cell activators. Invasiveness ratio was measured.


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