When testing immunotherapies, it is often critical to assess the functional cytotoxicity and infiltration capacity.  In addition, immunomodulatory effects of new drugs in combination with already approved ones needs to be carefully assessed before these treatment modalities reach patients. However, there are unlimited possibilities of new combinations, especially in the view of synergy effect observed with double checkpoint inhibition blockade. OcellO has developed a unique screening platform for immuno-oncology.  Our automated and high throughput (384 well plate) platform allows for efficient and cost effective testing of these combinations in assays that yield functional data on the tumour – immune system interplay.

For testing cellular therapies, small molecules, bi-specific antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, ADCs, vaccines and combinations of thereof to assess:

Effects together


Platform Highlights:

  • ·      Visualization and robust quantification of cancer-immune cell interactions
  • ·      Functional read-outs: active migration, association with tumoroids, cancer killing
  • ·      Physiologically relevant 3D micro-environment
  • ·      HLA-matched cellular players