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Foundation Hubrecht Organoid Technology

Organoids are cultured 3D tissues derived from LGR5+ stem cells, discovered in the lab of Professor Hans Clevers.

They retain many of the characteristics of human epithelium, including planar cell polarity and a natural hierarchy of progenitor cells and differentiated progeny. The histology and genetic profile also closely match the tissue of origin.


OcellO offers unique high content compound screening and profiling services using organoids derived from normal and cancerous gastrointestinal patient tissues – including several normal/tumour isogenic pairs. Assays also offered with CFTR mutant organoids for cystic fibrosis drug discovery.

• Panel of 80+ gastrointestinal organoids

• Derived from normal tissue and sequenced tumours

• High throughput (384 well plate) screening platform

• High content imaging and phenotypic profiling

• Quantitative analysis of growth, apoptosis and morphology

• Functional testing of small molecules, antibodies, immune cells