OcellO offers screening services for compounds
and biologics using cultured human tissues.

We offer:

Our assays use conventional cell lines, patient-derived tissue (organoid) lines and primary cells. We can also develop models using your cell line (for example those used in xenograft models).

How we help our partners in drug development strategies

We provide information that helps you select the hits and leads to further invest in. We provide standard end-points such as growth and viability, but also complex response profiles that allow compound classification and ranking. We can also generate stunning images that will support your communication activities.

Better Assays, Better Decisions

Why use our models:

  • Test your compounds in state-of-the-art physiologically relevant 3D tissue models
  • Obtain rich data generated by our unique image-based analysis approach
  • Evaluate efficacy AND selectivity of your compounds
  • Get robust results with a fast turnaround time
  • Benchmark against your existing assay technology
  • Our dedicated team of scientists will support your project