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2303, 2019

Hot off the press

March 23rd, 2019|

Review article on drug screening and testing with 3D cell based assays LINK:

Heads up for Michiel Fokkelman, OcellO's Head of High Throughput Screening, who stands behind advancing OcellO's automation technology. @crownbioscience

Meet OcellO's Head of IT Ashgard Weterings whose team helps OcellO to deliver to the customers rich data on their compounds with a special focus on speed and quality.

We are inviting you to the 2021 Virtual 3D Cell Culture Summit, where Mariusz Madej, Senior Scientist Oncology and Head of Biobanking, will present OcellO's unique screening platform. #CrownBio

Register today and join us on June 16th, 12:15-12:45pm CEST:

Mariusz Madej, OcellO's Senior Scientist Oncology and Head of Biobanking, has been the driving force behind growing OcellO's organoid collection. Mariusz leads the effort in new models' establishment and expansion of existing collections as well as multiple commercial projects.

Heads up for Cinthya Del Angel Zuvirie, OcellO's Associate Scientist, bringing great enthusiasm and passion to set up new and expanding existing organoid models for 3D high-throughput-screening assays.

Meet Hester Bange, OcellO's Senior Scientist, Head of Cystopathic Diseases, who shows that OcellO keeps physiological relevance of models and data-rich read-outs hand to hand, and at the same time creates a motivating environment for scientists to work and grow.

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