Kuan Yan, Lidia Daszkiewicz, Mohamed  Tleis, Leo Price

Delivering on the promises of cancer immunotherapy is hampered by a lack of in vitro testing platforms that enable early treatment selection. Compared to conventional 2D culture, 3D cultures can reproduce tissue organization and recapitulate complex cell-cell interactions. However, readouts are typically limited to biochemical measurements of viability or cytokine release and the rich phenotypic information describing critical interactions between immune cells and tumor is squandered. We therefore extended OcellO’s service to enable the 3D analysis of interactions between tumor and immune cells in a 3D co-culture system. Via 3D co-culture and image-based analysis, various immune-tumor interactions such infiltration or killing can be visualised and quantified. This represents a new, highly powerful tool for cancer immunotherapy drug developers to select the most promising treatments and understand better the spatial cellular context not detected by alternative techniques.