About OcellO

OcellO B.V. is a privately owned contract research organisation, which was founded in November 2011 based on technology developed at Leiden University.

OcellO is an innovative biotech company offering CRO services for the drug discovery industry that can significantly improve the efficiency of lead development. OcellO excels in the development of clinically relevant in vitro human micro-tissue models that can be used for the screening and profiling of small molecules and biologics. The analysis of these models, many of which use patient-derived material, is enabled by OcellO’s unique high throughput 3D imaging and phenotypic profiling technology. As well as providing measurements of cell growth and viability, phenotypic profiling allows the measurement of more complex biology that better correlates with clinical endpoints. Furthermore, compounds with the optimum therapeutic profile or optimum target specific profile can be selected to enable a better ranking of compounds at early stage in the drug development process.

At OcellO we believe that sound collaboration and cutting edge science can speed up selection and development of clients lead compounds. We also welcome opportunities for partnerships, for example in Horizon 2020 projects. We are involved in several grant projects and are happy to work together!