When testing immunotherapies, it is often critical to assess the functional cytotoxicity and infiltration capacity.  In addition, immunomodulatory effects of new drugs in combination with already approved ones needs to be carefully assessed before these treatment modalities reach patients. However there are unlimited possibilities of new combinations, especially in the view of synergy effect observed with double checkpoint inhibition blockade. OcellO has developed a unique screening platform for immuno-oncology.  This allows for efficient and cost effective testing of these combinations in assays that yield functional data on the tumour – immune system interplay.

Test your Small Molecules, Bi-specific Antibodies, Checkpoint Inhibitors, ADCs, Vaccines and Combinations of thereof to assess:

Effects together

T cell infiltration, screening platform for immuno-oncologyOcellO’s screening platform is based on 3D co-cultures of cancer and immune cells. This 3D environment allows the different cell types to engage in a more realistic setting than when growing the cells in monolayer or mixing them in a suspension culture. Our proprietary OMiner® software platform enables discrimination of i) immune-tumour cell interactions and ii) drug-effects on the tumour and immune cells. This information, which cannot be obtained using conventional biochemical measurements, enables acquiring and automatic quantification of spatially resolved information that is of a critical importance for immuno-oncology studies.


Key advantages:

•       Automated analysis and robust quantification of T cell activation and invasion

•       Functional read-outs: active migration, association with tumoroids, cancer killing

•       Physiologically relevant micro-environment

•       Visualization of T cell interaction with the cancer

•       HLA-matched cell types

•       Enabling immuno-modulator combinations and synergy studies


OcellO offers cancer immunotherapy developers a new, highly powerful tool to select the most promising drugs at a very early stage in drug development. The availability of this new tool will empower the immunotherapy field, allowing the speedy progression of novel drugs towards clinical development – ultimately benefitting cancer patients.

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