OcellO exploits unique technology that enables screening of molecules in human tissues cultured in 3D

high throughput

OcellO's screening platform is fully scalable with automated liquid handling, imaging and analysis in a standard 384-well format, keeping throughput up and costs low

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Why use OcellO's 3D platform to screen and characterise your compounds?


  • screening in human tissues, a physiologically relevant system
  • determine activity AND specificity in a single assay
  • accomodates polypharmacology
  • rich information (both on- and off-target)
  • robust assays, highly automated and scalable to high throughput
  • per-well costs similar to conventional 2D assays
  • rapid assay development tailored for target or disease of interest 
  • assays for a diverse range of targets available   

Ê3D tissue architecture and microenvironment better simulate in vivo situation
Êmulti-parametric profiling gives insight into activity and target class of uncharacterised compounds
Êmicro-tissues can be generated from diverse cell lines and screened to identify optimal target activity
Êdiverse range of specific targets can be assayed
Êmulti-parametric analysis provides efficacy, specificity and toxicity data from a single assay to allow early-stage compound selection and ranking
Êrobust assays, highly automated and scalable to high throughput
Êper-well costs similar to conventional 2D assays
Êrapid assay development tailored for target of interest
Visualising Cancer in vitrohighly invasive prostate cancer cells proliferate and invade throughout the 3D matrix environment, but form benign spheroids when treated with the anti-cancer drug, dasatanib. Such a profound transition in phenotype is not observed in 2D culture. This rich image information is captured, quantified and used to profile compound effects