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5 august 2015 – New publication in Molecular Cancer on identification of anti-tumour biologics using OcellO’s platform

5 August 2015 –  A new publications on the application of OcellO’s platform to identify anti-tumour biologics for MedImmune has been published in the journal Molecular Cancer.

The article describes how a phenotypic antibody screen with 3D cultures of primary cells and image based multi-parametric profiling was used to identify anti-cancer biologics against new therapeutic targets.

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June 18th 2014: TomTom co-founder navigates into biotech with investment in OcellO

€0.5 million funding will expand use of 3D tissue mapping in drug discovery

Leiden, The Netherlands, 19th June 2014 – Leiden-based biotechnology company OcellO has entered into a strategic partnership with TomTom founder and philanthropist Pieter Geelen to further develop its biological ‘mapping’ technology and fund the next stage of growth in its drug discovery screening services.

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May 27th 2013: OcellO expands 3D screening activities in 6 million Euro partnership

OcellO to partner in € 6 Millon FP7 grant to develop therapeutic antibodies targeting Cancer Stem Cells Using its 3D screening platform with patient-derived “Organoids”.

Leiden, The Netherlands, May 27th, 2013 – OcellO B.V. a contract research company that exploits an innovative 3D culture-based screening platform, today announced that it has been granted funding from the European Union’s FP7 program. The suppresSTEM consortium, which is led by the antibody discovery company, Merus, has been granted a total of about €6 M to develop patient-derived Organoid-based screening tools and discover novel antibody-based therapeutics targeting cancer stem cells for the treatment of colorectal cancer. The consortium also includes The Hubrecht Institute (The Netherlands), Fundacio Privada Institut de Recerca Biomedica (Spain) and The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK).
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Jan 14th 2013: OcellO signs contract with Merus Biopharmaceuticals to screen genetically engineered therapeutic antibodies

OcellO and Merus sign agreement for screening bispecific cancer antibodies

Leiden and Utrecht, The Netherlands, January 14, 2013 – OcellO B.V. and Merus B.V. have entered into a collaboration under which OcellO will provide screening services to Merus. OcellO will use its 3D cell culture-based screening platform to profile bispecific antibodies designed by Merus for the treatment of cancer. Financial details of the collaboration have not been disclosed.
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