OcellO is always looking for motivated and talented people to join the team

OcellO is a young company based on the Leiden BioScience park in The Netherlands. OcellO offers cutting-edge technology in the field of high content analysis and drug discovery to partnered projects and customers. We are always looking for colleagues to join the team — colleagues who will thrive in a dynamic environment and will make an important contribution to OcellO’s continued growth and success. If you are highly motivated, get on well with people, are scientifically talented and organisationally competent and are looking for a stimulating job then send your CV and a letter to



At the moment we have 2 vacancies:

  • – 6-9 month research internship project
  • – Immuno-Oncology Innovation Associate

See full description below.



6-9 month research internship project


Testing novel drugs and drug targets in 3D cultured isogenic tumour models


Start date: from August 2017.
Location: Biopartner2, Leiden, The Netherlands


OcellO is a fast-growing innovative biotech company offering unique 3D cell culture-based screening services that accelerate pre-clinical drug discovery in oncology and inherited diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and polycystic kidney disease.  OcellO best-in-class technology meets a growing need for improved in vitro testing to predict drug responses in pre-clinical models and patients and reduce drug development costs. Founded in 2011, OcellO provides services for many of the leading global pharmaceutical companies. OcellO has an active R&D program to maintain its leading position as a provider of advanced tissue based assays.


Conventional in vitro testing models involve the culture of cell lines on plastic tissue culture, which obviously is nothing like the situation in human tumours. At OcellO, we develop 3D cell culture models for high content screening of compounds using a unique 3D screening platform.  In this project, isogenic pairs of human tumours which are wild type or mutant for key oncogenes will be cultured as mini-tumours in 3D. These will be tested with novel and established drugs that target the oncogenic pathway.  Outcomes of the project will be novel assays for targeting specific oncogenic pathways.


The research will be performed at the labs of OcellO, which has developed a platform for screening, which includes automated 3D culture, drug exposure, microscopy based imaging and data analysis.  Office space and computer facilities etc. will also be provided at OcellO.


Techniques and activities will include:

  • Internet-based study of the academic literature
  • 2D and 3D cell cultures
  • Robotics and automated liquid handling
  • Immunofluorescence labeling and microscopy
  • Automated microscopy imaging
  • Bioinformatics analysis of data
  • Diligent maintenance of lab book


If you are interested in this position, please send a copy of your CV and a letter of motivation to: jobs@ocello.nl.


Immuno-Oncology Innovation Associate

(Under the H2020 Innovation Associate Grant)

The Dutch SME OcellO B.V. is a fast-growing innovative biotech company offering unique 3D cell culture-based services that accelerate pre-clinical drug discovery and development. OcellO’s best-in-class technology meets a growing need to reduce drug development costs. Founded in 2011, OcellO employs 12 people, shows strong year-on-year growth and now provides services for many of the leading global pharmaceutical companies. The SME has an active R&D program to maintain its leading position as a provider of advanced tissue based assays.

OcellO is expanding its services to include testing of cancer immunotherapies. To support this, we are recruiting a post-doc level (R3) scientist with immuno-oncology expertise who will thrive in a stimulating commercial environment. The successful candidate will research, design, and develop immuno-oncology screening assays and be actively involved in their commercialization.

We are looking for an independent and capable scientist to join our immuno-oncology team, and to play a key role in the development of an in vitro screening platform for testing cancer immunotherapies.

Immuno-oncology is a rapidly growing field with already impressive clinical results in the treatment of many different cancer types. However, the full potential of these therapies has not yet been unleashed due to the poor predictability of patient outcome. Appropriate experimental models that reflect complex biological interactions between cancer and the immune system are lacking. OcellO’s scientifically and commercially validated technology has the potential to change this. The technology combines high throughput and high content screening with complex cellular biology in a format of 3D human tissue culture. OcellO’s platform is image based and therefore ideal for providing quantitative functional readouts of the modulatory effect of immunotherapies on interactions between different cell types.

The successful candidate will be working on the development of new biological models that incorporate different cellular players into 3D co-cultures of cancer and immune cells; these include T-cells, and/or APCs and/or stromal cells. Sound knowledge of immunology and cellular biology is therefore essential. Given the innovative character of this project, the candidate has to be creative, demonstrate an ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ attitude, and possess exceptional problem-solving skills. As part of the immuno-oncology team, which is led by the senior immuno-oncologist, you will closely collaborate with scientists that have complementary expertise, e.g. in lab automation, 3D culture, microscopy imaging and bioinformatics. The new member of staff will also be involved in the commercialization of the immuno-oncology services – which includes communicating with (potential) clients. For this reason, good communication and social skills as well as affinity with commercialization of technology are essential. The position also involves management of both the scientific/technical and administrative/project management aspects, which include e.g. project design and writing, quality control, presentations, writing customer reports, and managing timelines.

– Post-doc level scientist (“Established Researcher (R3)”)
– PhD in the field of immunology, with expertise in cell biology, oncology, and project management
– Familiar with in vitro cellular assays
– Proficient in English
– Legal resident of the European Union
– The researcher must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before September 2017 (starting date of the position)
– Eager to keep up with the field and continuously learn
– Affinity with commercialization of technology

Type of contract
Full time

Contract Duration under the H2020 Innovation Associate Grant
12 months

Possibility to prolong the contract


Starting date
September 2017

Contact details for application:
Lidia Daszkiewicz, Head of Immuno-Oncology
Email: lidia.daszkiewicz@ocello.nl
​Phone: +31(0) 71 332 2871


OcellO pursues a non-discriminatory employment policy and values equal opportunities, as well as diversity.