• Evaluate effects of molecules on clinically-relevant parameters in functional human tissues
  • Improve hit/lead classification and ranking to enable focusing of resources on high potential molecules
  • Wide selection of tissue models of disease, including cancers, cystic fibrosis and polycystic kidney disease
  • From HT Screening of libraries to profiling of single molecules
  • Screening of full-length antibodies, fragments and small molecules


“OcellO has a unique, high throughput and multi-dimensional screening platform which Merus has successfully utilized to functionally characterize thousands of bispecific antibodies directed against various target combinations. The depth of information that OcellO generates on the effects of our therapeutics on cultured tumour tissues plays an important role in our lead selection process and was crucial in the development of our lead program now in phase I/II clinical trials ”

Mark Throsby, CSO Merus


OcellO-Projections-of-Actin3 Projections-of-Actin2 OcellO-cultured-tissue-from-patient-colon-tumour-stem-cells-150x150

Colorectal cancer tumour organoids derived from three different patients. OcellO/Hubrecht Institute.